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Medical Education

Medicine is one of the most respected and rewarding professions. A physician not only enjoys monetary rewards but humanitarian rewards too which are priceless. Doctors are one of the hardest working professionals and also the most highly paid professionals. Most doctors will tell you they can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a doctor is simply who they are and not just what they do.

Becoming a doctor is also one of the most difficult career paths. We at renaissance education understand the predicament of students in selecting the best medical school to realize their dream of becoming a successful doctor. Our experience of ten years has enabled us to offer our students a four point checklist which comprehensively covers almost every aspect to be taken into consideration before choosing a medical college. In this competitive world, merely getting a degree in medicine is nowhere close to be enough. It is imperative that a student selects the best medical college as his aspirations & future hinges on this one choice. A student needs to make sure that he/she would get the necessary knowledge and resources to become a ‘successful’ doctor. Becoming a successful doctor is greatly dependent on the quality of education & facilities available at the college, exposure, colleagues at the college, professors, environment at the college that inspires skill development&personality development , support from the college and alumni, supportive & safe environment in the college which allows an individual to blossom into his/her potential.

The four point checklist :-

We are elated to help students get over this dilemma with our experience of over ten years having recruited thousands of students in various medical colleges across the globe. We understand most counsellors would give answers which are neither here nor there and students come out of counselling sessions even more confused than before. We understand that the students have quite a lot of options and avenues. Wedon’t intend to obfuscate your thinking any further. We unequivocally recommend Spartan Health Science University for medical aspirants. Having thoroughly studied all the options and taking into consideration all the aspects, we deem Spartan Health Science University as the best opportunity for medical students. Let us explain our reasons for the same :-

St. Lucia is a tourist destination. Its considered to be the world’s no. 1 honeymoon destination and world’s no. 5 travel destination.It’s one of the safest places on earth. St. Lucia is fondly known as the Princess of the Caribbean and the economy of St. Lucia is chiefly dependent on tourism as a result of which the citizens of St. Lucia are very friendly and cordial and take utmost care that there is almost zero crime so as to attract tourist from across the globe.Any crime in St. Lucia would affect the tourism industry which in turn would affect their livelihood.

The people of St. Lucia are friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help. St. Lucia has one of the
lowest crime rates in all of the Caribbean and Vieux Fort is a quiet, small town where there arerarelyany problems with crime. There is also security on-campus during hours of operation.
Spartan Health Science University, School of Medicine is located in Vieux Fort which is a quiet town away from chief tourist destinations in St. Lucia and thus away from distractions.

SPARTAN is the only college in St. Lucia that has CAAM-HP accreditation. This is the highest honour for any Caribbean Medical School. Spartan graduates can practice anywhere in the entire Caribbean after residency and are also eligible for residency anywhere in the Caribbean.

Spartan has infused thousands of doctors into USA in the past 36 years since its establishment in 1980.
Spartan has got letter of recommendation for approval from New York State Education Department. This is the most prestigious thing for any medical institution. There are only 14 medical colleges that have New York Approval all over the world, that are located outside USA.

The student to faculty ratio at Spartan is 8:1 ,i.e, 8 students share a professor. In India it is usually 60 : 1, in USA and Canada its 15-20 : 1 and in countries like Russia, Ukraine, it is 100-200: 1.
Low student to faculty ratio ensures that personal attention is afforded to all the students.

The Prime Minister of St. Lucia recommends Spartan. Now, any politician worth his salt would weigh his words very carefully. He himself recommends Spartan. His message could be found on the below link :-


Spartan follows a Progressive Curriculum which focuses on problem based and case based teaching methods. Shelf Exams and USMLE board review are integrated in the curriculum.

SHSU has incorporated Standardized Patients (SP’S) in the curriculum.

Spartan Advantage :-

  • State of the art Human Simulation Laboratory and Skills Laboratory.
  • Extensive USMLE preparation
  • 90% students pass USMLE Step 1 in 1st attempt
  • Experience of 36 years in providing World Class Medical Education with state of the art facilities.
  • Green Book Clinical Rotations is USA along with US medical students in ACGME approved US Teaching Hospitals.
  • Very high residency match, more than 80%.
  • Alumni of thousands of doctors across the globe.
  • One of Spartan graduates of Spartan is also a Nobel Laureate.

The temperature in St. Lucia is around 20′-30′ Celsius all year round.

50 % of teaching staff is Indian.

Dean of Spartan is Indian.

So, basically the college has its roots in India. Our students won’t be far away from Indian culture and would definitely feel at home. Indian Vegetarian Food is available very easily. Please check the following link :-


This is important as students could easily relate to the professors and can approach them if they face any difficulty in studies without any hesitation.

Renaissance Education is also elated to offer its own food & hostel option in St. Lucia. We have sent a Gujarati Chef to St. Lucia who cooks mouth-watering &onlypure vegetarian Gujarati & North Indian delicacies.

All the rooms in the Renaissance Education Hostel are fully furnished with facilities like Modular Kitchen with appliances & dishes, TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Cable, Internet, Cleaning Lady, Laundry Service, Bed Linens, etc.

Spartan also has various student organizations which organises various events. Various festivals (including Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Idd, Christmas) from different cultures are celebrated with great passion because of the rich diversity of students that SHSU enjoys.

Upon completion of the 5 year program, the students can apply for residency position (PG) in USA. Renaissance Education and the College would help students to draft their application meticulously and provide them with all the necessary letters of recommendation. The colleges would also train and prepare the students for their interviews.

In 2016, 51.9 % of International Medical Graduate (which you would be on completion of the course) who applied, got residency position in USA.

During residency position a student earns anywhere between 4000 US $ to 7000 US $ per month which is around2.5 – 4.5 lakh Indian rupees per month.

After completion of Residency, you would earn anywhere between 150,000 US$ to 300,000 US$ per annum which is around 1 Crore to 2 Crore Indian rupees per year.

In case you do not get a residency position in the first attempt, you can always take up a teaching job or a research job in USA or St. Lucia or any other Caribbean medical school wherein you could earn around 2500 US $ to 3500 US$ per month.You can always apply for residency again after a year when your resume would be stronger as a result of your teaching job.

Alumni of Spartan is of more than thousand successful doctors in prominent positions across the globe which helps its graduates with a great sense of pride.

Spartan students undergo Green Book ACGME approved Clinical rotations in USA which makes them more likely to get a residency position (PG) in USA. If the USMLE performance of the students is above average they are more or less certain to get the residency position in USA. Most importantly, their PG or residency in addition to being completely free would enable them to recover all the money they spent on MD degree within a span of 1.5 years while doing their PG.

In counties like India students either need to be in the top 5% bracket to secure admission in PG or shell out Crores of rupees in donation.

In USA, every year around 30,000 to 35,000 IMGs(International Medical Graduates),i.e., students who haven’t done MD(MBBS) from USA apply for residency position(PG) in USA. Of these 30,000 to 35,000 students who apply, 17,000 get residency position in USA. Again, most of the IMG students who get residency position have studied from Caribbean Medical School. This is because they have US Clinical experience.

St. Lucia is a Caribbean Island and Spartan Health Science University is one of the oldest and the best Caribbean Medical School.

During your residency you will earn a minimum of 50,000 US $ per annum. After your residency you would earn around 150,000 US $ to 300,000 US$ per annum.

You need to be above average to get into residency position in USA. In India you need to be in the top 5% to get PG admission.