Mbbs Abroad Consultants for Indian Students


Our Mission

The five partners have come together to bring about a Renaissance in the way a student approaches education.

We at Renaissance Education strongly believe that a man is born as potentiality, a seed. Man is born just as an opportunity, as an occasion. He is not born as an actuality. And this is very special, this is extraordinary, because in the whole of existence only man is born as a potentiality; every other animal is born actual.

Education is a bridge between the potentiality and the actuality. Education is to help you to become that which you are only in a seed form.

Up to now, man has been living an accidental life. No one knows what your potential is, what you are supposed by nature to be. And the question — the secret of education — cannot be decided without knowing what your potential is.

The very word education, in its roots, means to draw out that which is within you, to make your potential actual, like you draw water from a well. It has the very secret in its root-meaning. Whatever is within you as a seed has to be drawn out, given full opportunity, so that it can blossom. But no one knows what is hidden within you, what kind of soil you need and what kind of gardener, what is the right climate and the right season and the right time for you to be sown.

Parents decide about their children from hearsay. Somebody’s son or daughter went to USA or Ukraine or some other place to become a doctor or an engineer and they decide that their son/daughter should also go there. At times they don’t even know if their son/daughter is really interested. This destroys the whole purpose of education.

The decision is arbitrary. The person about whom it is being decided, his potential has not even been taken into consideration.
Does the student want to become a musician? a poet? an engineer? a doctor? Without knowing anything about the possibilities, almost groping in the dark, a student’s destiny is decided for strange reasons.

Real education is to bring out what is hidden in you — what God has put in you as a treasure — to discover it, to reveal it, to make you luminous.Education is to give you inner richness. It is not just to make you more informed; that is a very primitive idea of education.

Our vision

Our vision of education is that life should not be taken as a struggle for survival; life should be taken as a celebration. Life should not be only competition, life should be joy too. Singing and dancing and poetry and music and painting, and all that is available in the world — education should prepare you to fall in tune with it — with the trees, with the birds, with the sky, with the sun and the moon.

This is possible only if the individual follows his heart and his inner core, only if the individual decides his own education path through his heart and soul. This is possible only if the student decides with awareness.

Education should prepare you to be yourself.

We at renaissance education provide equal opportunity for all aspiring students to just BE. We are not interested in building personalities but Individuality.

We are just like a catalytic agent that ignites-propels a reaction. We help you in exploring all the possibilities before deciding. We help in each and every step of your education as catalysts.

We are not interested in forcing you to live somebody else’s life –to fulfil somebody else’s ambition. We want you to fulfil your own nature.

We celebrate the flowering, not the students enrolled but those who blossom. We don’t want you to become doctors or engineers or poets or painters; we are interested in you being a doctor or an engineer or a poet or a painter.

We want you to be happy & joyous – singing & dancing. We share Love, Light and Laughter and promote education and knowledgebility in its true sense.