Mbbs Abroad Consultants for Indian Students

Mbbs In Usa For Indian Students

Study MBBS Courses in USA after 12th

The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS, are two of the first degrees in medicine that any aspiring doctor will need to complete. These professional degrees form the foundation of your educational career and are central to providing opportunities to move forward in your program of study.
At Renaissance Education, we are committed to working with our students to complete the necessary steps to prepare for, apply to and receive acceptance to complete their MBBS in USA. It is important for students to note, in the United States itself, as well as in many other countries, the MBBS will be designated as MD or Doctor of Medicine.
We offer the MBBS in  USA through the Spartan Health Science University (SHSU), School of Medicine. This is a state-of-the-art campus that is located on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.

Complete your Medical education abroad in Beautiful St.Lucia.


Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine, an independent medical institution was established on January 7, 1980.


The Bachelors Degree Nursing curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety and quality into nursing care, to practice in a dynamic environment, and to meet individual needs which impact health, quality of life, and achievement of optimal potential.


The program consists of college level Sciences, Mathematics, Computer skills, English, Behavioral and Humanity courses which are covered over a period of two academic years.