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Renaissance Education is your one-stop destination for providing professional consultancy services to the aspiring candidates who wish to pursue a lucrative career in the field of MBBS. MBBS is a highly renowned educational degree that is gaining huge impetus in recent times. As such, thousands of candidates from all around the world look forward to receiving high-end MBBS degree from some of the top-class universities abroad. If you also dream of pursuing an MBBS degree from some prestigious educational institution abroad, reach out to us as we are your reliable MBBS abroad consultants in India.

Professional MBBS Consultants in India

We are education consultants based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are teamed up with this school to help provide Medical Education in USA. We understand choosing the right medical schools in America can be a complex task, filled with uncertainty as to which schools will produce the Medical Education in USA, possible. We make it easy to Study MBBS in USA overseas at the St. Lucia campus, giving you the same level of education you would receive in the United States mainland in a beautiful environment.

Renaissance Education, being reliable MBBS Education Consultants, our team of highly qualified and experienced MBBS consultants aims at delivering the best results for your professional career. Having over a decade of relevant experience in the given field, our counselors are highly professional and resourceful who provide in-depth, accurate information that you need to know about MBBS abroad.

At Renaissance Education, our team of experienced counselors recommends the best-suited MBBS program for the Indian students who wish to pursue their dream of studying MBBS abroad. Depending on your personal academic & financial profile, aspirations, future career plans, and so more, our team of counselors devises the best-suited MBBS program for you. We aim at matching your aspirations with the best possible educational institution abroad offering the lucrative MBBS degree.

Right from the form filling process to the application, preparation for the entrance exam, visa counseling, travel arrangements, accommodations, and much more –we are your reliable source of relevant information that you need to gain about MBBS abroad. Reach out to our team of professional MBBS consultants and make the most of your career!

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Complete your Medical education abroad in Beautiful St.Lucia.


Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine, an independent medical institution was established on January 7, 1980.


The Bachelors Degree Nursing curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety and quality into nursing care…


The Program consists of college level Sciences, Mathematics, Computer skills, English, Behavioral and Humanity courses …

Renaissance Education Offers The Following Services For Students

  • Post Acceptance

    We guarantee to provide the student with original Admission Letter and Receipt of Confirmation of Enrollment from Spartan Health Science University.

  • Orientation Day

    Spartan Health Science University Staff members assist students with course registration, health insurance, and other important documents. Finally students are given a tour of the campus and facilities and then served a local St. Lucian style lunch.

  • Auxiliary Services

    We at Renaissance Education guarantee to look after the students for the entire duration of the course and to address their concerns. We help in each and every step of the admission process, education and finally celebrate the blossoming, the flowering of the student.

  • Post Arrival

    We ensure that students and guests are greeted at the airport by an Spartan Health Science University representative upon arrival in St. Lucia

  • White Coat Ceremony

    New students receive their white coats and stethoscopes, recite the Student Oath, and are welcomed by faculty, staff, and students. Family members and guests are more than welcome to attend this auspicious occasion.

  • Processing Fees

    Renaissance Education charges a processing fee of 4000 USD only which includes 100 USD application fee of Spartan Health Science University and Visa Application Fee.

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Our campus have a lot to offer for our students


  • The Medical Education Consultants that worked with me made me feel unique and helped me find my own inner desire to become a doctor. I was especially grateful for the unlimited counseling that helped me get there!

    Aayushi Munjpara,
  • When I wanted to learn more about the Spartan Health Science University Saint Lucia I turned to Renaissance. They helped me understand everything I wanted to know and offered superb support and services so I could embark on my medical education with great confidence.

    Maria Sabbir Shaikh,
  • I have had the pleasure to Study MBBS in Spartan Health Science University and am extremely grateful for the services Renaissance provided during the entire process. They helped me with every aspect of my education so I can reach my full potential.

    Vaidehi Sunil Akkani,
  • Renaissance Education has guided me through the duration of earning my MD in the USA. No matter what I needed they were there for me offering sage advice and helpful answers as well as celebrating my education along the way.

    Mansi Patel,
  • Thanks to Renaissance and the IAU College of Medicine I had the opportunity to finish my Medical Study in the USA. I couldn’t have had a better experience than learning directly where I want to work, in US hospitals.

    Ashika Swami,
  • When I decided to further my education, I wasn’t sure exactly what type of doctor I wanted to be. Thankfully the Medical Education Consultants at Renaissance gave me the best guidance so I could explore my own ideas and start my own education based on them.

    Lubna Pathan,
  • I wanted to earn my MD in the USA and found Renaissance was the most helpful when it comes to making my dream of becoming a doctor a reality. From the application process clear through to admissions they have provide me with excellent services that have made my education experience spectacular.

    Mirat ayar,
  • The MBBS Courses USA I took at Spartan Health Science University gave me the knowledge I needed to prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Couple that with being able to learn within an actual hospital in the U.S. and I feel ready to start my career as a licensed physician.

    Jay Sheth,
  • received Medical Studies in the USA that have ensured I understand everything I need to know, including SPs in the curriculum. Thank you, Renaissance, for giving me all of the information and tools I need to attend an established university like Spartan so I can earn my medical degree.

    Ashish Patel,
  • I recently enrolled in an MS Program for the USA through Renaissance and I’m excited to get started, this is just the beginning of my journey into medicine! This has been the best education consultation I’ve had and it’s only the beginning.

    Aviraj Chauhan,